Close up Ethiopia

Photographs by Dominik Fleischmann (Germay), Judith Schenk (Germany), Mercedes Debeyne (Belgium), Sebastian Schobbert (Germany), Pablo Ruiz Holst (Germany/Spain) and Yero Adugna Eticha (Ethiopia)

The exhibition features works by six young photographers who in various projects explored Ethiopia in the last 10 years. Their pictures, portraits, snapshots show a country caught between tradition and modernity, between past and new perspectives. Taken together they create a kaleidoscopic image of a country in transition.

The works reflect how the photographers got to know the people, traditions, landscapes and urban spaces and they show their approches to the country in the Horn of Africa. They come come close to the breathtaking landscapes, the people, their ways of life and rites and convert them into powerful images. The preoccupation with the „strange“ and „unknown“ demands questioning one's identity and cultural character. When searching the "true" image, the own identity as well as the role of being a stranger obversing with an „external“ view must be questioned.

Taken by themselves the photographs present the artists' subjective impressions. Taken together they create a kaleidoscopic view on Ethiopia that surpasses stereotypes. 

The result: a photo project that illuminates the issue of approximation in all its facets. An exhibition full of colorful impressions. An emotional and gripping photo spectrum about people living in one of the most fascinating countries in the world.