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LISTROS Art Collection

LISTROS art collection is called A DREAM IN A BOX and began at with the gallery's initial exhibition at Galerie Eva Poll, Berlin-Lützowplatz in May 2003. 29 artists from Berlin focused on the living conditions of working children and teenagers (shoeshiners) in Ethiopa. The resulting 29 works not only layed the foundation for the collection, but also triggered a new way of discussing Africa-related topics in Germany. From this evolved impulses for a change of perspective on Africa as well as the message that is so important for all LISTROS protagonists.

A DREAM IN A BOX most of all offers the chance to view the world in a new way and to tackle borders creatively. Art is seen as the personal engagement of the participating artists and as a catalyst for social transformation and an impetus for intercultural dialogue.

Today, more than 120 creative minds belong to the LISTROS-initiative. Their donation of one piece of art supports the gallery and the LISTROS association. The collection's pieces span a wide range, from realistic descriptions of experience to very personal views on the daily lives of Ethiopian listros (shoeshiners), to suggestions what we all have in common and can learn from each other.

Works from the collection can be thematically assembled and rented out as a travelling exhibition. Thus, A DREAM IN A BOX has so far been seen by more than half a million people in seven German cities. Selected works from the collection have been published in limited editions since 2008.