Gallery Concept

Art as motor for social transformation and intercultural dialogue

With its issue-oriented, approach GALLERY LISTROS focuses on topics within the African context. This involves in particular an artistic involvement with topics specifically related to Africa. In addition, the presentation of artists from African countries and the diaspora offers an expanded view on a timely approach to contemporary art hailing from the African continent.

GALLERY LISTROS centers on art and dialogue and gives impulses for a change of perspective in order to support the development of a self-confident and prospering Africa. GALLERY LISTROS devotes attention to both the African continent and to Africa within ourselves. While intercultural dialogues is being advocated, the debate also includes the diaspora's role as an intermediary between cultures.

Changing sales exhibitions in the four large exhibition rooms (220 sqm) present works of art from the fields of painting, video, installation, sculpture, photography and new media. Accompanying programs such as lectures, discussions, debates and guided tours provide space for exchange and dialogue.

In 2003, the collection “A DREAM IN A BOX“ affiliated with GALLERY LISTROS began, featuring some 29 artists. Since then, more than 120 creative minds have become LISTROS artists by donating one of their works to the gallery. For and with them, LISTROS association draws up projects and concepts. These included artists' journeys to Ethiopia, educational work and intercultural dialogue.

Selected works from the collection have been for sale in limited editions since 2008. Furthermore the collection can be devised thematically and rented out as travelling shows to galleries, museums and institutions by the name of A DREAM IN A BOX. They have been viewed by more than half a million people in seven German cities so far.