<h2>Gallery Listros</h2>

A place for connecting with Africa through contemporary art

GALLERY LISTROS is dedicated to providing a space for innovation and creativity in addressing the issues facing Africa today. Exhibited works by international artists may either deal with Africa-related topics or provide a connection to the African continent through the background and heritage of the artist.

With their issue-oriented approach, the changing sales exhibitions in the four large exhibition rooms (ca. 220 square meters) present works of art from the fields of painting, video, installation, sculpture, photography and new media. Exhibitions are accompanied by wide-ranging programs including lectures, debates, projects and events.

The gallery opened its current location on Kurfürstenstraße in 2004. Located near the National Gallery, the Kulturforum and Berlin’s Tiergarten, this area has historically been a central location for the artistic community. This trend has been re-emerging over the past decade. Thus GALLERY LISTROS enriches Berlin's cultural and art scene by promoting the discussion of contemporary art within an African context. 


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